Historic apartment residents want to keep affordable homes in Ardmore neighborhood

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Two apartment complexes built in response to the baby boomer generation are at the center of a battle between change and compatibility.

On Monday, about 100 residents of the Ardmore Terrace and Cloverdale apartments attended a community meeting about the future of the complexes.

City Councilman Dan Besse, who also lives at the apartment complexes, asked residents for feedback regarding potential changes.

Initially, the developers considered a mixed-use development that included retail and apartment but filed the current plan after hearing objections from Councilman Besse.

Besse said the community meeting is the start of the feedback process as the city attempts to keep rental prices in the area in the $570 - $650 range.

Besse is concerned by the potential loss of the historic buildings and trees in the neighborhood but also because the changes could eliminate what he called a large portion of affordable rentals.

Residents who spoke at the meeting agree that there are many people who live at the apartment complex who are already struggling financially.

“People are on limited income. It's not government assistance or anything like that it's just limited incomes,” said Crystal Moore, an eight-year resident at the Ardmore Terrace apartments. “We don't want anything fancy and we don't have to have a country club or a pool… it fits in the budget and it’s a good neighborhood.”

In a statement released to FOX8 News earlier this month, the owners of the apartment complex said changes to the property are still two years out. They said no one is in danger of losing their home immediately.

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