Vets statewide help Davidson County Animal Shelter with temporary plan

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. – Veterinarians statewide are helping develop a disease control and operational short term plan for the Davidson County Animal Shelter.

Assistant County Manager Casey Smith serves as the liaison between county leaders and the shelter now that the contract with the United Animal Coalition has ended.

“We talked about maybe cleaning protocols for the facility moving forward. We also talked about maybe some staff expertise we probably need to look at to pull in to help us. Not only to get through any kind of short term transition but long term as well,” Smith said.

Veterinarians stayed at the shelter until nearly 1 a.m. Friday testing adoptable and sick animals.

Dr. Greg Hedrick has his own practice at Davidson Animal Shelter but has been working with the shelter since 1980.

He said the testing revealed pyrovirus in dogs as well as calicivirus and panluekopenia in cats.

“We went and tested two of the cats there and two of the puppies too and came up with a mixed bag of different viruses and different bacteria,” Dr. Hedrick said.

Davidson County Animal Shelter currently does not have an onsite veterinarian. In the meeting, the team discussed hiring of at least two vet techs and a full time veterinarian. Dr. Hedrick said he was not surprised by the number of diseases considering the large number of feral animals that come into the shelter yearly.

Commissioner Larry Potts aid the shelter averages 7,700 a year.

This week, Dr. Hedrick and others have been euthanizing animals to stop the spread of disease.

Of about 200 animals as of Thursday afternoon, approximately 40 are healthy and ready for adoption.

“Anything that shows signs of being sick, we're taking of it in a humane fashion but the ones that are there not necessarily sick at this time sort of like a holding pattern to see what we can do to help them out,” Dr. Hedrick said.

The adoptable animals were retested Thursday night to be sure they are healthy for this weekend adoption fair. All animal will be at reduced prices.