Crashed plane carried money for poor families

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JAKARTA, Indonesia — A passenger plane that crashed in a remote area of Indonesia this week was carrying nearly half a million dollars’ worth of cash meant for impoverished families.

Officials from the Indonesian postal service were traveling with the money to distribute it to around 6,600 people in the mountainous region, said Andi Dulung, the director general of social support at the Indonesia Ministry of Social Affairs.

Rescue workers reached the crash site of the Trigana Air flight in Papua province Tuesday, finding the bodies of all 54 people who were on board.

The search teams also found money at the crash site — some of it burned and some in good condition — according to Hadi M. Djuraid, a Transport Ministry official.

The money was due to be handed out in cash form to poor families because of a lack of infrastructure in the region. There are are no banks to transfer or withdraw money in some districts of Papua province.

Each registered family was to receive 600,000 rupiahs ($50) in funds. About 4,350 families in the area had already received their share of the assistance.

It’s not yet clear why the plane went down Sunday during a short domestic flight from the provincial capital to an inland town.

Authorities have recovered the aircraft’s flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder, which are expected to shed light on what happened.

The plane was carrying 44 adult passengers, five children and five crew members when it went missing. All those on board were Indonesian.

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