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Commissioners award $1M to improve Alamance-Burlington schools

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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- The Alamance-Burlington School System now has nearly $1 million to work with to make facility improvements at its schools.

County commissioners approved Monday $998,000 in bond money to go toward maintenance, including door replacements at Williams High School, walkway remodeling at Turrentine Middle School and carpet replacement at Graham Middle School.

The bond money was left over from a 2006 project and was intended to be used for school maintenance. The commissioners' approval Monday was to sign off on the specific projects a task force had allocated.

Commissioner Bob Byrd said the unanimous approval shows the county's commitment to ABSS.

"We want to be a model school system for the country," Byrd said. "The environment in which kids learn is really important to learning effectiveness."

ABSS Director of Facilities and Maintenance Jay Fuller will oversee the projects.

"A lot of money's needed to fix things, with schools this age," Fuller said. "You gotta try to use the money for the best, for the school system and for the students."

Fuller said he and his crew just finished work funded by previous bond money from commissioners, including repainting, new flooring and new LED lights in some schools.

He expects work to begin on the new projects this month.

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