Greensboro City Council OKs fresh food access plan

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Tonight, Greensboro City Council passed the Fresh Food Access Plan, a 48-page outline addressing how to get healthy food to parts of the city that don’t have grocery stores.

The plan focuses on food deserts –low-income areas with little to no access to fresh produce nearby.

City leaders hope to create food business enterprises to get food from producers and farmers to consumers. One way could be offering incentives to corner stores to offer a wider variety of options.

“It’s extremely important for folks that may be working two jobs, they may have transportation issues, if it’s difficult for them to get to a grocery store, those [corner] stores become one of their major sources for food,” said Russ Clegg with the city’s Planning Department.

The plan shows a map pinpointing three dozen corner stores in Greensboro; six currently offer fresh vegetables.

Clegg says the next step is applying for an implementation grant to help the cost of launching their ideas.

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