Residents outraged after possible prank nearly kills horse

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NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. — Residents in a metro Atlanta community are outraged after a possible prank nearly killed a horse.

The incident occurred in Newton County, which is about 40 miles southeast of Atlanta.

The horse had to be rescued Sunday in Social Circle after it was found in a muddy creek. Three-quarters of the horse’s body was stuck and residents think it struggled for hours to get freed.

It took rescue crews two hours to save the horse.

“Five more minutes, 10 more minutes, I don’t think this story would have the same ending,” John Zwemer, who heard the horse’s cries for help, told CBS46.

Neighbors said they believe someone intentionally let the horse free from its stable because it was first spotted in a gated pool facility. The horse then wandered across the street and fell into the creek.

“The problem with a prank or a joke is you really never know how it’s going to turn out,” Zwemer said. “It could be a, ‘Hahaha! Your horses are across the street’ type of thing, or it could’ve been, very easily, ‘Well you had two horses and now you have one.'”

Rescue crews had to use several tools on the farm to save the horse.

“We don’t train for this every day, it’s not our routine calls,” fire Chief Kevin O’Brien said. “I’ve been here eight years and I think this is the first large animal rescue we’ve had.”

The horse was checked out by a veterinarian and is doing OK.

Source: WGCL

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