Lexington couple creates innovative way for couples to sleep

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LEXINGTON, N.C. – Who doesn't seriously appreciate some good shut eye, especially as we hit middle age? But that's exactly when our zzzz's aren't quite as restful.

"I tend to get up more during the night, probably move around more," said Stephanie Allred, who has been married and sharing her bed with her husband for 32 years. "I would feel so bad because I knew I was waking him up."

"It was one time when she got up, I woke up, the covers came out, cold air on my shoulders, and I thought surely I could figure out a solution to this problem," said her husband, Rick Allred.

After much thought, the couple created the "Snooze Strap," a flexible bed strap that keeps your covers still, even when your partner isn't.

The strap wraps around the bed, on top of the sheets. Rick Allred tinkered around with seven or eight prototypes to get the Covers Clip just right.

"That's the nice thing about the Snooze Strap. By it holding the covers in place, you don't feel that pressure like 'oh my gosh, I have to be really, really gentle getting in and out of the bed,’" said Stephanie Allred.

The Allreds say the strap can give more soundful sleep for so many people, including parents with young children, people with restless leg syndrome, people who sleep with pets in the bed.

The Snooze Strap is for sale on the company's website, http://snoozestrap.com/.