Spree of car break-ins in High Point neighborhood

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Police said at least 15 cars were broken into and two cars stolen overnight in and around High Point's Emerywood neighborhood.

David Wood and Jeff, who did not wish to give his last name, identified themselves as the two who had their cars stolen from their own driveways.

"I woke up this morning to go to work as usual. Went outside -- no car," Wood said.

Wood said his car was locked, but robbers came into his home and took the keys right off the rack.

"That's really what concerned me the most," he said.

Capt. Mike Kirk with High Point police said that the items stolen from the various vehicles included credit cards, cash and a laptop. Because that laptop had tracking software on it, police were able to trace it to a home where they recovered many of the stolen items.

"An individual who lived there let us in and said this is not my stuff," Kirk said. "There were several people who live there. He let us in. We recovered a lot of the property."

Kirk said the suspects in the robberies were not home at the time, but police are actively pursuing leads to find them.

Kirk said some of the items recovered were from people who had not reported anything missing, which leads police to believe that there may be more victims out there who do not realize they've been robbed. He encouraged everyone who lives near the Emerywood area to go and check their vehicles. The majority of the victims left their cars unlocked, so he said this is a reminder to lock your car doors.

Jeff said it's a reminder his family will follow from now on.

"We certainly start to evaluate everything we've got in place to make sure that we're safe, our security system, cars are going to be always locked. Take all cautions."

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