Husband, 90, rescues wheelchair-bound wife from NC house fire

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ASHEBORO, N.C. — A 90-year-old Asheboro man managed to save himself and his wife, who is wheelchair-bound, after their house caught fire during a storm, according to ABC News.

After making it out of the house, Arthur Schneider, who walks with a cane, ran to get help.

“I guess God gives us a little strength when we need it,” Schneider told ABC News.

Schneider’s wife Rosemary has Parkinson’s disease and dementia so he serves as her caretaker.

The couple’s daughter said, “He takes care of her, he does everything for her.”

According to ABC News, the couple has been together since Schneider returned from serving in World War II.

Schneider said he and Rosemary were asleep in their bedroom when a lightning bolt hit their home and a fire broke out.

The power was out and smoke was coming from the kitchen so Schneider pushed his wife’s wheelchair to the front porch.

He couldn’t get the wheelchair down the stairs so he ran next door to get a neighbor to help, according to ABC News.

Half of the couple’s home was destroyed in the fire so they are now living with their daughter.

They will celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary in October.