Feeling stuck? Energy healing helped a local Greensboro attorney

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- "I really am always smiling now," laughed Greensboro attorney Sue Hunt. "I just feel finally at peace."

She's pretty Zen and artsy, not at all how you'd imagine a busy attorney. She wasn't always quite as easygoing and laid back.

"Before I was exhausted and sometimes angry," remembers Hunt about her life a few years back. "I wanted to make a change, but really struggled about how to make that transition comfortably."

Hunt had built a busy real estate law practice and employed five people. She was proud of her success, but was having a tough time walking through her fear of making a major change.

"Once you walk through one door and open up another door, there's a whole world out there," said Holistic Life Coach Donna Burick. "So many women come in with this overwhelming feeling of guilt that they shouldn't be displeased with their job or other things in their life, but we discover together that it's that guilt that actually is what creates change. If they are being authentic with themselves and honor that and make that shift, even if it's just the way they see things, everyone benefits."

Burick doesn't offer regular talk therapy, but by working with the client on what she says is unblocking stuck energy and aligning the mind, body and spirit.

Hunt's life these days is far different. She's studying to be a life coach and still practices law, but let her five employees go and focuses mainly on estate planning, which she finds more satisfying. She also has time for far more fun in her life. "I love to garden, I'm traveling more. We host huge outdoor concerts in our backyard with bands from all over the country. It's called ‘Music at the Big Purple.’”