Surveillance video captures robbery at High Point business

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HIGH POINT, N.C. – The doors opened as normal on Sunday morning at DeBeen Espresso in High Point.

A man walked inside and ordered a cup of coffee. The worker inside said he was the first customer of the day.

“He seemed just like a normal customer,” the employee said. “When I opened the register to ring him up, he reaches across the counter and tells me, it’s a hold-up.”

Debbie Workman has owned the business for 18 years. She says this robbery is a first at her shop.

“'We have a really good surveillance system,” Workman said. “You know, you can never be too safe. Luckily with our surveillance we were able to see every surface that he touched and they [police] got good prints.”

The video shows the whole incident on camera. The footage captures a car pulling into the business parking lot around 7:13 a.m. A man gets out of the vehicle and walks inside the shop. The car circles the parking lot and returns to the outside of the shop’s entrance.

The man walks inside, steps up to the counter and talks with the employee about coffee options. The employee begins to make his drink.

When it comes time to pay, the employee opens up the register and the thief reaches over and snatches the money out. He then orders the worker to give him her purse.

On the footage, you see the man take her wallet. The worker said the man claimed to have a gun, even though she didn’t see a weapon.

The thief then makes the employee wait in the bathroom while he makes his escape. The thief and his getaway driver exit the parking lot around 7:16 a.m.

"It kind of hurts your feelings when somebody comes in and violates you like that,” said the owner.

High Point police officers are reviewing the video and hope to make arrests. Anyone with any information can call police at (336) 883-3224.