Body cam shows NC officer disarming suicidal man, man thanks officer for saving life

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ROANOKE RAPIDS, N.C. – A body camera shows a North Carolina police officer disarming a suicidal man – and now the man is thanking the officer for saving his life.

WRAL reported that Roanoke Rapids Police Officer Jamie Hardy answered a call late last month involving a suicidal man.

The officer’s body camera caught the exchange to two had and also the moment the officer had to disarm the man.

David Bundy, 39, and his family are now thanking the officer for what he did. The two had an emotional reunion. Bundy’s mother was also there to thank the officer.

Police Chief Charles Hasty said his officer did everything right and the proof is in the video. He said it could have been a deadly force situation, but the officer prevented that from happening.

“Nobody wants to hurt anybody else. Our job is, we’re out here protecting people,” Hardy said.