Homes damaged by Lexington water main break

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- Monday's water main break caused thousands of gallons of water to flow right into several homes on Hillside Drive, leaving foundations cracked, basements flooded and concrete carports pulling away from homes.

“I went down to the basement; not only was it flooded but the water was coming in through my foundation walls and lifted the floor of the basement," said homeowner Ken Lack. "The water was coming through the crack."

Lack recorded the water with his cell phone which shows a river of water rushing through his home which also destroyed winter clothes for Lexington's Project Undercover.

"We go out once a month and distribute clothes, blankets personal items to the homeless and I have a lot of clothes that have unfortunately suffered damage," said Lack. "I’m talking truckloads.”

"The foundation and mold, I'm concerned about that," said Gwen Harris who lives next door. The water gushed through her home splitting her carport open and is now pulling away from the foundation. “I’m afraid of it, so I’m staying out of this part.”

Officials said the city's insurance company will contact the homeowners about damage.

"They first have to establish why the water main broke and if the city is responsible," a claims agent told Lack Tuesday. "They said they hope to give us an answer by Thursday."

Harris says while she and Lack wait for the city's insurance company they are keeping their spirits strong. “No matter what happened I’m holding on to my faith," said Harris. "So that’s why I can smile.”

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