Photo shows 21-year-old’s back after being bitten by a swarm of mosquitoes

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FISHERS, Ind. — A 21-year-old Indiana native learned a valuable lesson about the importance of bug spray during a recent game of capture the flag.

Jordan Lingle told BuzzFeed Life he was playing a game of capture the flag with a group of friends and found what he thought was a great hiding spot at the edge of the woods near a river.

That great hiding spot turned out to also be a great hang out space for mosquitos.

“All of a sudden I felt like I was being attacked by mosquitoes everywhere on my body, especially on my back,” Lingle told BuzzFeed Life. “But I didn’t want to move from my spot because I was hidden super well. So I tried fending them off, then I realized there was a complete swarm of mosquitos around me and it got unbearable, so I drove home.”

When Lingle showed his mom the bites, she posted a photo of his back to Facebook because his reaction was so extreme.

Lingle said he managed not to scratch all of his skin off and the bites went away within a few days.

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