Police investigate ointment used on severely sunburned boys

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VINITA, Okla. — Police served a search warrant on the family of two children who are being treated for severe burns after going on a field trip with their daycare last week.

Their mother said the daycare staff did not apply sunscreen, but police suspect something else may have contributed to the boys’ condition.

As the two boys, Conner and Trey, recover in a Texas hospital, Vinita Police are searching their grandfather’s house for a petroleum-based lotion they say was allegedly used the night before the boys went to see a doctor.

“What I was told by medical doctors is that it [the lotion] can hold heat in,” said Bobby Floyd, chief of the Vinita Police Department.

Floyd told FOX23 he had to get a search warrant to get the lotion because the boys’ aunt wouldn’t give it to them.

The grandpa, Wayne Broadway, told FOX23 the aunt didn’t provide the lotion because the family obtained an attorney.

Broadway said they are starting to feel harassed and they want everything to go through their legal representation.

The Vinita daycare the children went to remains closed.

Floyd said a DHS conducted interview revealed that the children visited the Splash Pad Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The daycare told officials that parents were asked to bring sunscreen for their children, but none of the parents did.

Floyd told FOX23 that the rumors surrounding this case are hampering their investigation, but they are working hard to get the truth.

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