Frying Pan Tower owner helps in the search for missing teen boaters from Fla.

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Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos

Some living along North Carolina’s shore have joined in on the search for two Florida teens lost at sea.

Richard Neal, who owns Frying Pan Tower located 30 miles off the Brunswick County shore, told WECT he’s taking extra measures to keep an eye out for Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen.

Neal is keeping the tower lights on at night so if the boys are nearby the light will help draw them closer to the shore.

“It might sound a little silly, but if they see the lights, it might encourage them and give them hope, and if anything, they might actually be able to get close enough,” Neal told WECT.

He also plans to scan the water every hour to check for the boys on the horizon. Neal said his crew will be using a helicopter to scan the water as well.

“I’m hoping and praying that they do drift our way, and if they do, we have things we can put in the water to get over to them while calling for help,” Neal told WECT. “That’s about all we can do right now is keep our eyes open and be looking for them.”

Neal encouraged others in the area to take a few minutes every hour to slowly scan the horizon.

The search for Stephanos and Cohen has gained nationwide attention. A Facebook page dedicated to the search has gained nearly 190,000 followers.

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