Program helps moms and kids get healthier

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Sasha Kimber has been exercising and eating healthy for the last six weeks.

"Instead of frying my foods, I bake my foods now," said Kimber, a mother of two.

So far, that discipline has been paying off.

She’s already lost seven pounds.

Kimber is one of several High Point moms getting fit through the women's wellness program by the nonprofit D-UP.

Each mom has a child in the nonprofit's nutritional summer day camp known as the Washington Street Enrichment Program where kids learn how to live and eat healthier.

"I've been working out with her at home,” said 8-year-old Zymaria Wiley, Kimber’s daughter. “I have fun."

D-UP Executive Director Jakki Davis says the idea is to create healthy kids by creating healthy moms.

"Kids don't go grocery shopping,” Davis said. “The mothers go."

The day camp meets three times a week, moms meet every Monday.

Davis got the idea to put together a day camp and women's wellness program by a local movement to help High Point residents eat better.

There are approximately half a dozen food deserts throughout the city meaning that for many residents supermarkets with fresh food are at least one mile away from their neighborhoods.

Tisha Sires says not eating well caused her to have low energy.

"It interfered with me being able to play and do things with my children,” Sires said. “I didn't like that."

It’s quality time she and other moms don't want to miss out on.

"I want to be healthy for them so I can stay alive,” Kimber said. “Live a long time, watch them grow up."

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