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City sends High Point woman warnings to clean neighbor’s property; clerical error to blame

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — Carolyn Ledbetter bought her High Point home next to an open lot in the early 1990s.

Yet for nearly 15 years, she said the lot has grown out of control and she's received warning notices from the city to clean it up.

2003 is the earliest letter that she saved, signed by a city code enforcement inspector.

“I took some of them back to the city and then the others ones I got so angry and I just tore it up,” Ledbetter said.

In it, the warning reports the lot next door is "dangerous or harmful to public health or safety.”

Ledbetter said she’s dealt with various rodents including raccoons, insects, lizards and snakes because of the lot next door.

Ledbetter called FOX8 for answers since her attempts to talk to the city still result in several warning notices.

Local Code Supervisor Katherine Bossi said they only have records of two notices sent to the home.

"She did call in a complaint about three lots that are next to her property. We did go out verify they were in violation, we sent a notice out in error to her. It was a clerical error, those are a rare situation. We'll dismiss the case and get the current property owner on written notice as soon as possible," Bossi said.

Bossi also said a notice to the true owner would be sent out Friday.

Legally, the city has to allow the owner 12 days to clear the lot themselves. After the compliance date passes, Bossi said High Point will hire a contractor to clear and mow the lot.

The city of High Point gets nearly 2,000 complaints of nuisance properties. So far this year, there have been 950 warning notices sent to property owners citywide.

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