‘Suspicious’ devices found concealed in former Walnut Cove Police Department

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WALNUT COVE, N.C. -- During recent renovations of the former Walnut Cove Police Department, located in the Walnut Cove Town Hall; workers discovered two devices described as “suspicious” by Stokes County Sheriff Mike Marshall and Town Manager Monty Stevens.

Two routers, similar to Internet routers in most homes, were found; one in a wall and another in the ceiling. Sheriff Marshall told FOX8 that one of the routers was connected to a cord, which had been cut, but led to the attic area of the building.

The town manager’s office is located in the same building on the other side of where the police department used to be located.

Sheriff Marshall said the equipment seemed to be confined to the police department’s side of the building and looked as though it had been put there before the police department was shut down.

Former town employees -- who wished not to be identified -- told FOX8 that they had their suspicions for years that the building was “bugged.”

A private investigator out of Winston-Salem said that his first suspicion -- since the routers were concealed -- is they could have been used to “covertly access video or audio data” coming from a hidden device on the other end of the cord.

The sheriff’s office is not sure if there was any wrongdoing done because some of the evidence was destroyed before they could look at it and therefore they will not be investigating further.

Sheriff Marshall also said the devices could have been used to record interviews in the department, but they never found a recording device on the other end to suggest that.

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