Alamance County Confederate monument will not be taken down

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GRAHAM, N.C. -- County commissioners said Monday night the historical cleansing of Confederate memorials across the South is not going to happen in Alamance County.

The issue comes after the group "Concerned Citizens of Alamance County" said they would ask commissioners Monday to remove a courthouse square memorial to the county's confederate dead because it represents hate and slavery. Many residents disagreed and held a weekend rally in support of keeping the 1914 statue in place.

No one asked for the memorial to be removed Monday night, though residents did share their views, from all angles, on the issue.

"This is not about heritage, this is not about history, this is not about pride," said resident John Thorpe. "The government you took an oath to serve is a government set up by rebels, but the rebels held these truths that all men are created equal."

Members of "Concerned Citizens of Alamance County" have not responded to request for comment, but commissioners said they weren't touching the memorial fearing removing it would only cause division when communities are in need of unity.