Man raises ‘puppies’ for 2 years, discovers they’re actually bears

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YUNNAN, China — A man got a shocking surprise recently when he learned that two “puppies” he had raised for years were actually bears.

According to CCTV, Wang Kaiyu said he adopted the endangered black bears from a Vietnamese man two years ago.

Wang was reportedly very fond of the animals and groomed them daily.

However, as his “puppies” got older, he noticed some unusual things about them. They developed large appetites and started killing his chickens, according to the Daily Mail. Each one grew to 100 pounds.

The Daily Mail reported that Wang’s realization came after reading a Public Security Bureau pamphlet. It turned out his pets were Asian black bears, which are Category 2 protected endangered animals.

Authorities took the bears to the Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Center.

A spokesperson for the center told the Daily Mail that both bears are healthy and doing well.