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Man calls 911 about aggressive coyotes near NC State ‘surrounding’ him

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(Coyote stock photo)

RALEIGH, N.C. — A man walking his dog in Schenk Forest near North Carolina State University called 911 on July 1 to report they were being shadowed by a group of coyotes which he mistook for wolves, WTVD reports.

“My dog started smelling something and all of a sudden I saw three sort of large looking wolves and they started running after me,” said the man.

The man was in the wooded area near the 4800 block of Reedy Creek Road. Raleigh Police Department officers, N.C. State Police Department officers, and a Raleigh Animal Control Unit all went to help.

The man told police that he tried to reverse his course and get away from the animals, but they followed and flanked him. That’s when he got up on top of an elevated manhole cover and called for help.

Hear the 911 call

Read full story: WTVD

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