Inmate escape leads to changes at Davidson County Jail

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- An internal investigation into the Davidson County Sheriff's Department concluded Monday and changes are on the way for the county's jail.

The department launched the investigation after inmate Bobby Ray Cabe Jr. escaped from the jail on June 22. Sheriff deputies say he escaped while on work detail by climbing a ladder and jumping off a roof. He was on the loose for about 18 hours before being caught.

Sheriff David Grice said that as a result of the investigation two ladders on the jail's premises will be removed, one of which was used by Cabe.

The sheriff also said they will be making procedural changes that he calls "checks and balances."

Cabe had escaped from jail once before. The sheriff said a new system of paperwork will ensure that details like that do not go overlooked by jail personnel.

Sheriff Grice said there will be disciplinary action taken against personnel whose mistakes contributed to Cabe's escape. He said no one will be fired, but he has yet to determine what the recourse will be.