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This photo of a ‘Texas Redhead’ centipede is terrifying the internet

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A giant centipede featured in a recent viral photo is being called one of “Texas’ most terrifying critters.”

Texas Parks and Wildlife posted a photo of a Texas Redhead centipede to Facebook Wednesday, found at Garner State Park in Hill Country, Texas.

The image, which shows the brightly-colored centipede on a broom, has been shared more than 33,000 times. reported that the centipedes can grow to eight inches long in the wild and can get even bigger in captivity.

The centipedes have been known to prey on rodents, snakes, lizards and toads. They use their fangs to inject toxin into their prey.

The bites are called “mild” for humans, about the same as a bee sting. The centipedes are usually found under logs, rocks or leaf litter.

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