Greensboro named ‘least sexy city in America’

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Greensboro has been named the least sexy city in America.

Travel dating website published a list of the “least sexy destinations” in country earlier this year and Gate City topped the list.

“With a 100% rejection rate, NO ONE wants to meet up in this Carolina city. There’s nothing particularly unpleasant about Greensboro, it’s just not sexy in the eyes of our aspiring travelers,” the company said about Greensboro.

Richmond, Va. ranked at No. 2, Fort Worth, Texas at No. 3, Beverly Hills, Calif., at No. 4 and Chattanooga, Tenn. at No. 5.

Here’s an excerpt from the website, which based the rankings on a study of member habits:

When you think of travel dating, you usually think of long walks on the beach, or dining at five star restaurants with panoramic views. So you join MissTravel with dreams of jet setting to Paris, Milan, New York or Miami.. not expecting to get trip offers to the likes of Jacksonville, Florida or Greensboro, North Carolina. Let’s face it, not every destinations is sexy. There’s nothing sexy about going to Atlantic City when you’d rather be in Vegas, and Jacksonville has NOTHING on Miami. But unfortunately, we can’t avoid a city just because it isn’t sexy. Your boss may send you to Minneapolis on business, doesn’t mean you should have to go alone! But you may find it tough to find a travel companion willing to come along for the ride.

Read more, see full list:

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