Lidl commits to bring 200 jobs to new Alamance County site

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ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. -- A German grocery company named Lidl committed to bringing 200 jobs to a new Alamance County site over the next three years.

It announced plans today to build a distribution center and headquarters in Alamance County off Kimrey Road and Highway 119. It will be right next to a soon-to-be-built Wal-Mart Distribution Center.

The Wal-Mart investment is $85 million; Lidl will invest $125 million.

“It’s the largest single capital investment to my knowledge in the history of Alamance County,” said Graham City Manager Frankie Maness.

A press release from Gov. McCrory’s office announced Lidl will hire 80 full-time positions at a median salary of $80,000. It will also hire 120 hourly positions.

The total incentive officer to the company was $3,375,000, said Maness. The state and local government worked together.

A Lidl spokesperson explained to FOX8, “We chose Alamance County because it offers convenient access to the state's infrastructure network, a strong workforce and close proximity to major population centers. We also appreciate the efforts of the county’s leaders to work together with the cities of Mebane and Graham and the State of North Carolina to bring Lidl to the area.”

He said Lidl is one of the leading European retailers and currently operates nearly 10,000 stores in 26 countries throughout Europe.

“Lidl has a simple philosophy. We are focused on offering customers top quality products at the most competitive pricing in convenient locations. While customers receive amazing savings by choosing Lidl’s own great quality brands, they can still shop for their favorite branded goods, available at competitive prices.”

Alamance County President of the Chamber of Commerce Mac Williams says he hopes there will be an official groundbreaking at the site in 60-90 days.

“Today has been very exciting. And the real reward is when you walk in a plant when it’s up and operational and you see people in jobs -- better jobs -- enjoying that opportunity you all worked so hard on for years.”