Fit and healthy: 93-year-old Davidson County exercise instructor shares her life lessons

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Ann Corn, 93, has got years on all of the people who take her exercise class.

"Move it or lose it, that's right," said Corn as she led a group of about 20 younger-than-her women through exercises at the Davidson County Senior Services Center. "That's what you have to do, keep moving."

For some 20 years, every Monday and Wednesday morning, that's where you'll find her, lifting legs and lifting spirits.

"She's never absent, ever, unless she's in senior games or something. She's always sharing stories, singing songs, uplifting us. And if we're chitchatting in class, she'll tell us to, 'Shut up,'" laughed longtime class participant Gloria Cline. "She's an ex-school teacher, you know."

Her class runs an hour and is sprinkled with arm circles, leg lifts and life lessons she's picked up in her 93 years.

"You have to love each other and go and see and do. The years go by so fast. Everyone should know all about the state of North Carolina and the Eastern Seaboard. Have you seen it? I have. Go and see our beaches and our mountains."

Corn taught physical education for many years and credits her constant activity for why she's so fit and healthy at 93 years old.

"Just last week, I flipped my mattress over for cleaning. I really think it's so important to just keep busy, do things you find interesting. Also eat three squares a day and don't go to bed with a full stomach."

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