‘Scariest moment of my life’: Paris Hilton thought she was about to die during plane-crash prank

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Warning: The video below contains some graphic language

DUBAI — Paris Hilton was recently the target of what many are calling a cruel celebrity prank.

The prank was part of an Egyptian TV show called “Ramez in Control.”

Hilton got onto a plane thinking she was there to take an aerial tour of Dubai, but that wasn’t exactly why she was there.

The pilot eventually turns off the engine and lets the plane do a short dive.

Hilton and the other passengers can be seen on the video screaming and panicking.

A few passengers even jump out of the plane with parachutes.

After the plane landed safely the host broke the news that the whole thing was a joke. Hilton wasn’t laughing.

She tweeted about the incident later saying she thought the plane was going to crash.