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Man impersonates girlfriend for 2 weeks after he murdered her

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BUSAN, South Korea — A South Korean man confessed to killing his girlfriend and impersonating her for weeks after her murder.

Sunny Kim studied economics at the University of New York–Albany, and regularly kept in touch with her friends in the United States, according to Buzzfeed News.

After graduation, Kim returned home to Busan, South Korea, to take a job as a professor.

Her friends told BuzzFeed News that Kim seemed happy and was always posting photos of her and her new boyfriend on Facebook.

Then, on May 2, the 26-year-old went missing.

Just two weeks later her 24-year-old boyfriend, who is being referred to as Mr. Lee, walked into a police station and confessed to killing Kim and burying her body.

Lee told police he killed Kim after she tried to break up with him.

The Korean Times reported that Lee entered the police station with slit wrists, telling police he also attempted to kill himself.

Lee is expected to appear in court at a later date, according to Buzzfeed News.

Two days after his confession police discovered Kim’s body buried in a suitcase under cement. Officials said flowers were planted on top of the grave.

Kim’s family said they didn’t realize she was dead because Lee was responding to their text messages on her phone.

Kim’s sister told BuzzFeed News:

“The way that he text[ed] me was how would my sister would text. We think he may have gone through her phone to see how she usually contacts us. It was really shocking to see how someone can really hide what they did in that way.”

BuzzFeed News reported that Kim received a job offer the day she was killed. She texted her family and friends telling them how excited she was about the new position.

Then, hours later, Lee emailed the employer, impersonating Kim, declining the offer.

Now, more than a month after her murder her friends are remembering her as a “strong, fearless woman,” according to BuzzfeedNews.

“She was able to turn life’s smallest moments into wonderful experiences and memories and share it with the people close to her,” a friend told BuzzFeedNews. “Her realness was on another level; her love was on another level; and to have known her was truly a blessing.”

Kim’s friends are working to raise money for her family and held a candlelight vigil in her honor last week in New York.

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