Former North Carolina NAACP president protests in defense of Confederate flag

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ASHEVILLE, N.C. — A former North Carolina NAACP president is protesting in favor of the Confederate flag after a Civil War monument was vandalized.

WYFF reported that H.K. Edgerton stood with a Confederate Flag at a Buncombe County monument that was spray-painted with the words “Black Lives Matter.”

The monument is in honor of former North Carolina Governor Zebulon Baird Vance, a Confederate military officer during the Civil War. The site was recently vandalized, but the spray paint has since been removed.

Edgerton, who is black, stood at the site earlier this week, waving a Confederate flag and saying he wanted it to continue to fly.

“Black folks earned a place of honor and dignity with this flag; black folks and white folks in southland America are family,” Edgerton said, according to WYFF. “This is our flag. This was my message when I walked to Texas; that was my message when I walked to the White House. And it’s my message still.”

The TV station talked to several people walking by Edgerton who disagreed with him. One person implied that the flag was disrespectful.

Edgerton is known for his love of the Confederate flag and protesting in favor of it. He always gives people who stop and talk to him a hug.

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