More than 100 sick after eating at Tarheel Q; man hospitalized speaks out

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- As of Wednesday, more than 100 people from at least seven North Carolina counties and six other states have been identified with signs and symptoms consistent with Salmonellosis after eating at Tarheel Q, health officials said Thursday.

A Lexington man says the day after he had a barbecue plate with slaw and hushpuppies at Tarheel Q, he became violently ill.

Timothy Johnson’s wife Judy rushed him to the doctor last Friday. He said he started feeling sick on Thursday after eating at the restaurant Wednesday.

Judy and her friend had barbecue sandwiches and did not get sick.

The case was especially severe because Timothy has diabetes. His insulin was not staying in his system, the stomach pains were unbearable and his fever hit more than 100 degrees.

He showed FOX8 his medical documentation showing a diagnosis of Salmonella infection. He was hospitalized for four days. Thankfully, he’s now feeling better, but cannot work until his blood sugar and swollen colon are back to normal.

The Davidson County Health Department encourages anyone with symptoms of Salmonellosis to call the hotline at (336) 236-3096.

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