How to choose safe and healthy restaurants

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- We all have our favorite restaurants we go to all the time. But since a lot of people have time off and travel during the summer, it’s important to make sure new restaurants you try are safe.

One option is to check restaurant inspection scores online.

Guilford County Senior Environmental Health Specialist James Priddy says their 10 inspectors are responsible for more than 1,500 restaurants. Restaurants are inspected two times a year, three times a year, or four times a year depending on how food is delivered and prepared. That’s why Priddy says inspection scores are just a snapshot of the restaurants performance that day.

“From a safety perspective, a place that has a perfect score could still make a mistake and someone could end up ill from it,” said Priddy.

He recommends customers read full inspection reports online to learn why restaurants received certain scores.

“A place that consistently doesn't do as well, there could be some concerns. It could also be an older facility that has some facility issues that may not impact food safety necessarily. It really is important for the public to take a look at those inspection sheets and see where those points are deducted from to make that decision,” said Priddy.

However, Priddy says most issues in restaurants are mistakes.

“There's so much that goes on in these places, and they're all absolutely trying to do the best they can and get it right. It's really unfortunate to see it happen to a business,” said Priddy.

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