Senior citizens and people who are disabled seek relief from heat

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Day after day, the unrelenting high temperatures are draining for everybody -- but can be dangerous for older people or those who are disabled.

"It's just so hot, sort of takes your breath away," said 63-year-old Bennie Simpson, a double amputee in Lexington.

Simpson is used to making the best of a tough situation, but this scorcher of a heat wave has been especially difficult because he has no air conditioning at home.

"It just feels like it's suffocating, you know?" he said. "Even if it's warm air moving around, that's better, because then the air is at least circulating."

The super hot days will now be more bearable for Simpson because of a new fan he got from Davidson County Senior Services. All counties in the Piedmont have an allotment of fans they're giving away for adults older than 60 years old or who are disabled, who don't have air conditioning at home.

"We've experienced the heat wave so much earlier this summer than we have in the past, so it's so nice to be able to give these fans away now," said Christie Smith with Davidson County Senior Services.

Guilford County has given away about half of its allotment, some 175 fans so far. Davidson County only has about 20 fans left.

For more information in Guilford County, call (336) 333-6981. In Davidson County, the number is (336) 242-2290.