Hear 911 calls from people who came in contact with escaped Davidson County inmate

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- 911 calls released Wednesday show it took a village to capture escaped inmate Bobby Ray Cabe Jr.

One caller on Young Road in Davidson County said she ran inside to call police after Cabe came up to her house to ask for water.

"The escaped prisoner is in my yard!" she exclaimed. "He's talking to my husband on our back porch."

The caller went on to say that Cabe began to run away and that her husband chased him.

A second 911 call reveals that another civilian encountered Cabe shortly after.

"I told him to stay put," the caller said. "But he started to come toward me, and I fired a shot. He ran off into the woods."

Less than half an hour later, Bobby Ray Cabe, Jr. was in police custody. Davidson County Sheriff Department dog, Valor, was able to trace his scent from the home where he stopped to ask for water.

Cabe ran off through the yard of Thomspon Auto. Owner William Thompson said he never imagined the search for the escaped inmate would end so close to home.

"It was a shock," he said. "I'm glad nobody got hurt, and that they didn't have to kill him to get him. Because he's a human being, and he has to account to the Lord, not just man."