Crime watch meeting held in Forest Oaks community

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Neighborhood watch programs are now going the way of social media with a new app called Nextdoor.

“You know the strange thing about social media, as we know it, you can communicate with people around the world but often times you don’t even know who your next door neighbor is," said Lt. Daryl Loftis, with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office, at Wednesday night’s Forest Oaks neighborhood watch meeting. “I’m able to post crime updates, crime alerts for the citizens ... and equally they are able to alert each other.”

Forest Oaks is one of several communities in Guilford County that are logging onto the network. The site doesn't require a lot of personal information just the basics to verify you actually live where you say you live.

“Unlike Facebook where it’s everybody’s trying to self-attract themselves this is more like, 'Hey this is our community, this is what’s going on,’” said Kevin Durbin, who lives in Forest Oaks.

Durbin says the site allows them to alert each other about everything from suspicious vehicles to community events. “They get the information almost instantly.”

Using Nextdoor requires several residents to sign up. The free social media site is also available on smartphones.