Help your child land their dream job

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We hear all the time how tough the job market is these days, especially for millennials.

It may surprise you to know parents can increase their child’s chances of landing their dream job.

Dr. Tjai Nielsen, associate professor of management at High Point University, sat down with FOX8’s Julie Grant to explain how parents can help their millennial child land their dream job.

Dr. Tjai Nielsen recommends the following steps for parents:

  1. Understand the realities of the job market; be positive and realistic
  2. Visualize the big picture; do not discourage children from dreaming big
  3. Create a perfect resume; help copy-edit your child’s resume
  4. Effectively communicate your value proposition; practice interviewing your child
  5. Go online and understand how an employer sees your child’s social footprint
  6. Ask for help.