Group of girls attack mother, daughter in Davidson County; suspects wanted

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LEXINGTON, N.C. – A mother and daughter are recovering after they were assaulted outside their home in Lexington on Friday night.

“For a whole gang of them to come and jump on my daughter, and then jump on me,” said Shawnda Marsh, “I’m just shocked…it was at least six of them.”

Lexington police tell FOX8 that officers responded to a “riot call” outside an apartment on Apex Drive around 6 p.m.

The 43-year-old mom says her 16-year-old daughter was outside the complex when she was attacked. Marsh went outside to stop the fight when the group of girls attacked her, too.

Marsh says she was stabbed in the leg with a knife and her daughter suffered swelling and bruises.

Multiple neighbors called 911. Witnesses told police the group of girls ranged in ages — from teenagers to adults.

Marsh says her daughter was targeted because of a disagreement with someone she goes to school with.

Marsh says she contacted law enforcement officials with concerns for her daughter’s safety in the days leading up to the assault after verbal threats were made.

She also says neighbors told police they had seen a group of girls driving by the apartment complex in the days leading up to the assault.

Marsh is a retired, disabled military veteran. She is also an advocate against violence.

She was a key organizer in the Million Mom March Against Murder rally in Virginia after her 19-year-old godson was stabbed to death in Virginia.

Lexington police say at this time they have not made any arrests and are investigating.

FOX8 obtained a video clip, exclusively sent to us, of the assault. It shows a number of females and a physical fight.

Marsh wants police to make arrests so that the people who were a part of the attack see it’s unacceptable.

“I want them to have dreams and aspirations because violence leads you nowhere but death and jail,” Marsh said.