NC couple ‘thankful to be alive’ after terrifying highway attack

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Monroe couple said they are thankful to be alive after a terrifying highway attack in Davidson County, according to WBTV.

Bryan Mcallister told WBTV a stranger slammed into his SUV multiple times on Highway 52.

“This is something you’d see in a horror movie,” Mcallister said.  “We felt that he was coming to kill us.”

He said a pickup truck came out of nowhere and slammed into his SUV Saturday night. It didn’t take Mcallister long to realize that it wasn’t an accident.

“My wife’s friend started screaming, ‘he’s coming back, he’s coming back,'” Mcallister said.

He said they saw the driver coming at them at full speed.

“When that impact happened, the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat where my wife was sitting, went all the way back,” Mcallister told WBTV.

When Mcallister went to dial 911 to report the accident he heard the driver of the truck revving the engine.

Mcallister got the make and model of the car and reported it to troopers who then caught up with the driver.

“He had hit three other people in the length of that four-mile stretch,” Mcallister said.

The driver of the truck, Joseph Shawn Byran, was charged with DWI and hit-and-run.

Mcallister said he is just thankful to be alive.

“We’re grateful to be standing here talking to everybody, and [that] my family members aren’t in that house, or wherever else, planning a funeral for us,” Mcallister said.

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