Business 40 upgrades in Winston-Salem to impact residents

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- People who live and work in downtown Winston-Salem got a first-hand look at how their lives will change over the next several years as upgrades are made to Business 40.

"Both of us connect into Business 40," said Judy Marsh who came with her co-worker Patricia Dance.  "What do I need to expect? How long do I need to expect?"

Plans are to shut downtown Business 40 in phases as the aging highway is completely overhauled starting in three years.  City transportation officials said bridge replacement is slated to start next summer with the Peter's Creek Bridge.

The meeting Tuesday evening between transportation officials and residents also allowed residents to share opinions on proposed improvements after the work is complete.

"This is in preparation for after Business 40 has been completed," said Frank Amenya with the project.

Amenya said the proposal suggests turning Main, Liberty, First and Second streets into two-way streets.

Officials are also looking for feedback about adding parking for downtown businesses, traffic calming areas, and pedestrian and bike lanes.

"If you live work or entertain yourself [downtown] you are going to be affected," Amenya said.

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