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Justin Outling selected as Greensboro city councilman

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Justin Outling has been selected to be Greensboro’s newest city council member.

The University of North Carolina Greensboro graduate is a lawyer who has been very active since returning to the Gate City. He’s served as chairman of the city’s Minimum Standards Housing Commission.

“Literally holding people's feet to the fire to make housing better in Greensboro,” said Outling, who called his position with the organization his proudest work as a volunteer.

Outling is also a leader with Action Greensboro’s Synergy program that helps connect young professionals.

The husband and father of two young children said he hopes to be very responsive to the public in his new role on the city council.

“I think I bring unique ability to analyze problems and solve them -- it's something I do every day,” said Outling.

Outling will take Zach Matheny’s spot as the new District 3 council member to serve the remainder of the term.

Matheny announced he would step down at Tuesday’s meeting last week in an attempt to become the CEO of Downtown Greensboro Incorporated.

Council voted 7-2 to appoint Outling as the new council member.

A total of 7 people made a case for the job including a former council man and members of other committees like human rights and zoning.

There had been some discussion before Tuesday’s meeting about whether Outling’s job with Brooks Pierce and that company’s position representing DGI would be a conflict of interest.

City Attorney Tom Carruthers said as long as Outling abstains from voting on all DGI business there should be no ethical issues with the appointment because Outling is not a partner with the company.

Within minutes of being sworn in, Outling did sit out of a DGI vote regarding the budget.

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