Road rage highlights sportsman race at Bowman Gray

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – A fiery crash, road rage and a high school graduate. Those were the three keys to the action in the two 20-lap Sportsman division races at Bowman Gray Stadium Saturday night.

The first race came to a grinding halt off of turn 4 on lap 6 when the 13 car of Chase Hunt was trying to pass the 14 car of Steve Holleman.

The two cars spun coming off of turn 4 with five more cars piling in.

The 4 car of John Holleman IV made heavy contact with the 13 car, setting off a brief fire that sent a trail of flames across the racetrack. No drivers were injured in the crash.

In the second 20-lap race, the same drivers competed, but several went to backup cars because of the first race crash including Chase Hunt driving the 40-car instead of his usual 13.

Hunt was running 4th in the closing laps of the race when the 21 car of Tommy Neal got into the 12 car of Justin Taylor. Taylor spun to the infield, Neal took the lead.

But Taylor wasn’t happy with the move that Neal made and the race became a demolition derby while the caution flag was out.  Taylor forced Neal’s care into the turn 1 was destroying the 21 car’s front end. Neal jumped out of his car to express his displeasure but track officials held the angry driver back.

The race finished with a Green, White, Checkered and the 40 car of Chase Hunt drove to the win.

It was a big day for Hunt who graduated from high school Saturday morning.