Man busts ‘fake Marine’ in viral video, calls him out

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INDIANAPOLIS – A former U.S. Marine and his father claim to have busted a man pretending to be a Marine on video.

WRTV reported that the real Marine spotted the man at a high school graduation ceremony in Indiana in full uniform.

Brandyn Skaggs said he immediately knew the man was a fake after noticing medals “misplaced all over the place” on his uniform. So Skaggs confronted the man on video.

“It’s very disrespectful to see someone else in our uniform that we’ve fought for and it’s just extremely disrespectful for any veteran of all branches of service,” Skaggs said, according to WRTV.

The man was apparently trying to impress a new girlfriend, but took off after the confrontation.

The “girlfriend” reportedly thanked the Marine for letting her and her family know the truth.

Check out the confrontation above.

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