The ‘Bitter Blood’ witness: 30 years ago he saw the deadly explosion and bloody aftermath

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Kerry Loggins as an adult, right, on Friday, June 5, 2015 in Browns Summit, N.C. As a 13-year-old, Loggins witnessed the exploding Blazer that killed Frederick 'Fritz' Klenner and Susie Newsom Lynch.

For the past week, the News & Record has been looking back 30 years to one of the most sensational and shocking stories to grip this region, the Bitter Blood saga, a lurid tale of murder, incest and, ultimately, tragedy.

Now the newspaper is sharing a story it didn’t expect. It emerged from a black ­and ­white photograph — a shirtless boy staring away from the scene that day. Information stamped on the back of that photo led the newspaper to Kerry Loggins, a witness who in his own way is a victim of that day, too.

Kerry Loggins wasn’t always this way.

Withdrawn. Solitary. Maybe even reclusive.

He vaguely remembers a different version of himself — athletic and engaged, outgoing and fun-loving.

But that was so long ago. Thirty years last week.

A lifetime.

Loggins, 43, will never know for sure what caused the nightmares, why he’s skittish in crowds, why leaving home brings about crippling anxiety.

He has an idea.

On June 3, 1985 — a Monday — the 13-year-old stepped off a school bus in front of his house on N.C 150 in Summerfield.

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