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Winston-Salem car dealership responds to criticism over Bruce Jenner parody commercial

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – A Winston-Salem car dealership has responded on Facebook to a complaint about a recent ad that references Bruce Jenner.

Frank Myers Auto Maxx recently released a local commercial which features a salesman dressed in a retro Bruce Jenner Olympic track suit while wearing a long-haired wig.

The title of the ad is “Change Is Good At Frank Myers Auto In Winston-Salem, NC” and the video reads “#NotBruceJenner” on the screen.

One person commented on Facebook, saying the ad should be taken off TV. Another described it as “distasteful.”

Frank Myers Auto Maxx responded, saying it was never their intention to be hurtful or insensitive toward the transgender community.

“Please know that I support anyone to be anyone they choose to be and live life however they want,” said Tracy Myers, commenting under the company’s official Facebook page. “Always have. The commercial was done as a tongue in cheek nod to pop culture. Nothing more and nothing less.”

Caitlyn Jenner, the Olympian formerly known as Bruce, is in the news for publicly sharing her transition from male to female.
Jenner response