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Stadium officials say it’s safe to attend Bowman Gray despite methane gas

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – There was a large turnout at the first race since the announcement of methane gas at Bowman Gray stadium by Winston-Salem city officials.

The city hasn't told fans to stay away. As of now, it's not a public safety hazard.

Winston-Salem State University wants to buy the stadium, so the city completed some tests, including an environmental one. That's how the gas was discovered.

Results showed there were high concentration levels of the odorless, flammable gas. City officials say it's in the soil -- on the stadium property and under the parking lot -- but is not hazardous.

However, it could pose a threat of explosion and cause headaches, dizziness and nausea if build up is confined to buildings.

City officials say more tests are being done and the issue is being monitored closely. Stadium officials say there's no threat.

"It's OK for everyone to come out to the races," said a stadium promoter. "We don't see any dangers."