And the best barbecue joint in North Carolina is…

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What is the best barbecue joint in North Carolina? How about in every other U.S. state?

Travel website recently posted an article looking at the best spots to get barbecue in each state. They ranked the Skylight Inn in Ayden as No. 1 for the Tar Heel state.

The website recommended their chopped pork sandwich. Here’s what they said:

Alongside Texas, North Carolina might have the highest concentration of great barbecue anywhere in the States. Wilbur’s, The Monk, and Clyde Cooper’s are all worthy of a spot on this list, but none have quite the rep amongst the barbecue community as Skylight Inn.

Birthed in 1947, they earn the title of second-oldest smoker on our list, and just like our Texas pick, they’re an operation that’s stayed in the family since the start. Their specialty is whole hogs, chopped with just a little bit of skin to create a texture that’s become the restaurant’s calling card.

Of course, this list is all opinion. Red Bridges Barbecue of Shelby, N.C. was named the best barbecue joint in the South, according to a contest earlier this year.

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