Greensboro sorting through several cases involving concerns about overgrown lawns

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro's city code compliance department is currently sorting through 352 cases of nuisance properties and overgrown lawns.

Co-compliance Division manager Elizabeth Benton said that spring is always the busiest season with complaints of eye sore properties.

Benton explains nuisance properties are also health hazards to the community.

“Everything we do is based on public health and safety, so we want to reduce harborages for rats, snakes breeding grounds for mosquitoes, they carry disease, Benton said.”

Once inspectors place a yellow placard on the door and send a letter to the owner with a detailed violation description, owners have 10 days to comply.

If not, city contractors mow or clear the mess and a lien on the property owner’s taxes is added along with the clean-up bill.

Since May 1st 2015, Greensboro has inspected about 648 nuisance property cases.

To complain or express a concern of a property in your neighborhood, Benton said call 373-CITY.

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