Burlington boy reunited with stranger who helped him after snapping turtle bite

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BURLINGTON, N.C. – When 6-year-old Erick Fagan was bitten by a snapping turtle in Jordan Lake on Saturday, his parents said the help of a complete stranger made all the difference.

“From the bottom of my heart, I really do appreciate what she did,” said Erick's father Frank. "Filled up a whole beach blanket with blood and a pool of blood was around him."

Frank said a woman who identified herself as a nursing student ran over to help. She wrapped Erick's leg to stop the blood loss until the ambulance arrived. The cut was six inches long and down all the way to the bone.

The Fagans thought they'd never know who helped Erick. But after this FOX8 story, that woman, Hannah Beaddles, was reunited with the family.

"It was not easy to look at," Beaddles said. "But knowing that that's going to be my profession one day, I just knew I had to get in there and do it no matter what. I was just praying the whole time like, ‘Jesus please help me help them.’ I'm just glad he's doing better."

Beaddles said she is enrolled at Duke University's Watts School of Nursing. Frank Fagan said he has no doubt she will be an excellent nurse.

"One of the best," he said.

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