Bladder cancer treatment

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- While bladder cancer is fairly common, it is also a very treatable form of cancer if caught in the early stages. This is why it is so important to seek medical attention at the first sign of blood in your urine or changes in your urinary habits. If your primary care provider suspects an issue, he/she will most likely refer you to a urologist for a test known as a cystoscopy, which is an office-based procedure in which the specialist is able to examine the bladder. This procedure is also coupled with CT scans.

If anything suspicious is found, the urologist will then order a biopsy or resection of the tumor which helps with the diagnosis, prognosis and development of the treatment plan if cancer is found. Depending on the stage of the cancer, treatment may just involve close surveillance with periodic cystoscopies every three months or surgery to fully remove the tumor or the bladder, often in combination with chemotherapy.

Our community is fortunate, as the primary care providers, urologists, oncologists and related healthcare providers throughout the Cone Health network take a multidisciplinary approach to treating bladder cancer and develop individualized treatment plans to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients of Cone Health Cancer Center.

Spokesperson Background:

Dr. Benjamin Herrick is a urologist at Alliance Urology and a member of the Cone Health medical staff. Dr. Herrick received a Doctor of Medicine from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine in 2008. He completed his residency in general surgery in 2010 and in urology in 2014 at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.

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