A dangerous trend among kids: ‘The Cutting Challenge’ on social media

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BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- Parents in Washington are concerned about a new trend that puts their children at risk.

“When I cut myself, it hurt really bad. And since I was using safety scissors it took a while to do it,” Jessika Phillips told KCPQ.

When she was in middle school Phillips said some of her classmates pressured her into cutting her own forearm.

She told KCPQ a lot of other students were cutting themselves and posting photos of it on their Facebook pages.

Phillips said it's known as "The Cutting Challenge."

Now her mother is warning other parents and encouraging them to talk to their children about the dangers of the "game."

These fads come and go so quickly that sometimes, we, as parents, don’t notice it,” Jessika’s mom, Crystal told KCPQ.

Psychologist, Gregory Jantz said in the last five years there's been a rise in cutting.

Now, the trend is not just about dealing with emotions.

“It also is a symbol of belonging. A cutter usually knows other kids who are cutters and they belong in this group," Jantz told KCPQ. "So there’s a sense of identity with that as well."

Parents should seek medical advice immediately if they suspect their child is cutting, Jantz said.

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